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About Andray!

Hey there! My Name is Andray The Super Hero Of Love! I have been living in hate and darkness for 20+ years of my life. I hated everything and everyone on this planet and just wanted to die. Virtually my teens and 20s were a write-off. I had no goals or dreams. I just did as I was told because I had no love, guidance, nurturing, or support in my life.

For most of my life I felt alone, miserable, neglected, and just existing for the sake of existing with no purpose. In May of 2018, I almost gave up and ended my life because I was just done with everything and everyone. However, the higher powers knew had other plans for me. In 2019 I received a Spiritual awakening that became the catalyst of my transformation. Fast forward to today I am using all the experiences that I learned and mastered throughout the pandemic where the real magical transformation happened. I am on a Universal Grand Mission to help others master their awakening, to get you back to the core of your being, help you form lifelong habits, get unstuck, re-writing your narratives and achieving VICTORY every day!

Master Your Awakening Masterclass

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